Supported Accommodation

We provide a monitored, approved supported accommodation for service users.


PPS Ltd provides supported accommodation for individuals whom have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues and learning difficulties.

We currently operate across the West Midlands and our aim is to open up our services across the whole of the UK. We have improved the lives of individuals who have been affected by mental health problems and we aim to continue improving their lives by providing supported accommodations to our tenants so they can live in the community and re-build their confidence and life skills. We do this by providing quality support and accommodation in a safe and secure environment

Our accommodations offer a secure, warm and relaxing environment which further aids our tenant’s redevelopment. Our support networks actively promote understanding, empathy, unconditional positive regard and respect for all. We are dedicated to offering our tenants security with the freedom of choice, which promotes independence.


Our aims and objectives are:


  • To give vulnerable adults a secure, clean, healthy environment to live in which will promote health and wellbeing.
  • Assessing and understanding the amount of support our tenants need, by working concurrently with health care services and other agencies.
  • Help local authorities save money by offering properties on a long term Let which will reduce temporary accommodation budgets
  • Sensitively support and help our tenants to achieve independence and promote equal opportunities, fair access and diversity.
  • Promotion of mental health awareness and preventative measures